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Gynecology plays an important role in women’s health, not only for treating diseases but also for health education and prevention. Our gynecologists believe in implementing the most current diagnostic and treatment techniques including ultrasound.


  • Routine pregnancy care (antenatal and postnatal)
  • Prevention and management of miscarriages
  • Management of high risk pregnancies (e.g., pregnancy with hypertension, diabetes, twins,etc.)
  • Preconception counseling for prevention of anomalies in babies
  • Gynecology

  • Management of gynecological issues in adolescent girls
  • Guidance regarding effective contraception
  • Management of bleeding problems in women of all ages
  • Prevention and management of cancer screening in women(cervical and uterine)
  • Breast cancer awareness (guidance and screening)
  • Management of peri and postmenopausal issues, including bone health care