" Detect your Health Problems early, We FOCUS on your Better Health "

Laboratory Department, one of the most important part of modern health care because 70% of decisions regarding patient diagnosis and treatment are based on the results of tests performed by medical laboratories around the world.

Focus Medical Laboratory Department aimed at providing safe, accurate and affordable laboratory services in best turnaround time to people of Qatar with strict adherence to national as well as international standards of quality and patient safety.

Our Laboratory Department is equipped with fully automated analyzers, skilled technical staff as well as experienced Pathologist to provide safe and professional patient care.

We provide extensive list of investigative parameters, profiles of laboratory tests, health checkup services and specialty hemato-cytology services as well as pre testing and post testing advice and laboratory medicine consultation services.

Apart from providing services to all physicians and patients of our center, we are open for all direct patients and referral cases by any physicians of Qatar.