" Detect your Health Problems early, We FOCUS on your Better Health "

General Medicine at Focus medical centre offers treatment and preventive care for people of all ages, nationalities and genders. Our highly skilled physicians have international experience in treating people with all health issues, as well as providing health education for you and your family. Our physicians are experienced, empathetic and committed to delivering the best standards of cared is an experienced general practitioner devoted to the management and well-being of people of all ages. He has over two decades of experience in the treatment of common health issues in the Qatar , such as, diabetes, stress-related illnesses and allergies

  • Complete evaluation, diagnosis and management of patients through OPD services, strong back up from laboratory and radiology departments.
  • Identify health related problems including undifferentiated problems, early states of illness, acute problems, chronic diseases, psychological problems, and rehabilitation needs.
  • Define what is needed to heal the patient in both biomedical and humanistic terms, that is, physically, mentally and socially.